Death Spares No One

by Revolve

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Ben Brodie
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Ben Brodie It's fucking lit. Favorite track: Revolve.
James Taylor
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James Taylor I pure love this cause ma mates are like sound except Shaun. They are beatdown and beatdown is me. Sometimes I stick it on and stand in my room thinking "Fuck sake, there's nae room to mosh in here." So I sit the fuck back down and listen like a pussy bitch. If there was a Hip-Hop track it'd be better. Favorite track: Second Side.
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released October 12, 2015

Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Revolve.

Artwork: Grace Brown



all rights reserved


Revolve Glasgow, UK

Glasgow Metallic Hardcore

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Track Name: Revolve
Trapped forever by bars of anguish
Misery the most bitter dish
Sorrow tight with it's vice grip
Deep inside my spirit rips

Can't step out yet I insist to survive
Behind this laugh and smile I hide
A broken mind that won't be repaired
Once I'm taken by the reaper I'll no longer be scared

Death spares no one
Everyone his victim when the time comes
I'll now walk by his side
Behind a false smile I'll no longer hide
Track Name: Second Side
Finding purpose, a constant fight
Will to live non existent
Blinded by internal hatred
Lifes contentment, distant

Miserable reflection
A shape without a face
Endless criticization
A fucking disgrace

Coming closer my ends in sight
Slip into eternal night
Dead inside but no one knows
This soul was doomed a lifetime ago

Life unfolds destructively
An empty shell, no spirit to leave
Hatred for the so called man I see
Soulless face staring back at me
Track Name: Seen The End
I've seen the end, with my own eyes
A fitting farewell to this place I despise
A monstrous, cruel, selfish land
That will soon see death by its own hand
This so called species always doomed to fail
To our own throat, we raise the blade and impale
Plunge into darkness' embrace
I've seen the end of the human race
Track Name: Human Disease
I've been granted a chance of execution
The earths destruction, the end solution
Humanities ego brought on this downfall
Repent, restart, erase it all

The final end to lifelong strife
The one chance to save all innocent life
The only cure for our corruption and greed
The sacrifice of all humanity

Peace on earth will never be achieved
Until we rid the world of this human disease