Reduced To Ash

by Revolve

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Recorded by Declan Waters and George Henry
Mixed by George Henry
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Artwork by Paul Clave (@kingofbones)

Rage Records 2017


released April 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Revolve Glasgow, UK

Glasgow Metallic Hardcore

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Track Name: Reduced To Ash
Tortured out of all resource, somehow still fights to survive
held captive by her own children, parasites that refuse to die

far too late for forgiveness, karma delayed more than once
her body and mind shattered, screams as the fire engulfs

set herself aflame, a moment of purity
released from her sentence, relieved of her duty
save yourself, theres no reason to continue
an instant of agony will be what frees you

We have punished beyond belief
but we'll plummet to hell beneath
doomed to eternal fire
deserving of nothing more

no one to blame but ourselves
had an eternity to learn
ignoring all warning signs
as the world fucking burns

as gaia herself is reduced to ash
i question the blindness of my own race
as i lay my head down to rest
I pray to her not to wake again
Track Name: Atonement
Yet to find a reason, the burdens a daily occurrence
the thought of a world without myself would bring eternal happiness
all doors firmly locked, no one can ever know
the fakest of smiles has returned, in reality its all for show
all live valued equally but myself the one exception
and I'm yet to meet a more pathetic soul in my miserable existence

dismissed as vanity is my struggle for self acceptance
still without a reason I'll repent for my innocence
to better myself in my own eyes, seems unachievable
after countless attempts but still I fucking fail

Sympathy for the dead a gratitude I don't deserve
I'll continue down this path, granted suffering in return
No solutions to improve, I'm nothing more than shit
if agony is my redemption... so fucking be it
Track Name: Blissless
The view of a tortured earth burned deep into my memory
boundless human ignorance, blind to the true enemy
disciples outweigh the awakened, few left to pay the price
guilty from birth to grave, like lucifer born to the cradle of christ

as we feed ourselves the poison, to bring on our destruction
murder without remorse, until our bodies cease to function
sealing the noose with a tighten, refusing to face the truth
whist smiling ear to ear, as we give ourself the final push

Death spare me from the blissless earth

spirit riddled with scars, as the blade of torment impales
and the misery of humanity strikes, with the force of nine tails
Track Name: The Executioner
A prayer for universal suffering, where the torturer is king
where disbelief is a course to burn and every sinner has their turn
a prayer for eternal suffering, where the executioner is king
prepare to meet your slaughter, obey the tyrant to be delivered

Morals exchanged for complete aggression at the thought of a conflicting ideal
global injustice justified as the terms of a 'fair deal'.
no perfect plan is worth the hurt that you create
demanding complete worship to prevent a deadly fate

worldwide agony ignored, it exists in your name
a name which i reject, holds nothing but my disrespect

you are not my judge, you are not my tortured
you are not my king, not my executioner

I will not bow, I will not obey, you are not my king, you will never execute me
Track Name: Withered
I can't sink any lower, for better or worse doesn't mean a thing
this curse is my reality, where self hatred is wealth I am king

In awe of what the others see, still don't know what I'm meant to be
life a constant test to me, wandering lost for eternity

swallowed by this darkness, the void repeatedly consumes
my withered life continues, I deserve no sympathy

I fear life more than death because once I'm dead I wont be left by myself
as I've grown I've learned all too well

I've learned it all too fucking well, my own existence is my own hell